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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pictures Three, with Passion and souffle

I think one of the funniest moments, that has actually happened to me twice is the shock when a student learns that this, the passionflower:


Turns into this:


The passionfruit. Also knowns as the secret flavor no one can place in Hawaiian Punch.

There are native ones, hardy to zone 5, that don’t taste particularly good but have that amazing flower. Those that can take over your entire yard, so that you use chemical weapons, and your lawn mower and you still cannot defeat this horrendous weed. And there will be collateral damage, in the form of the tree your then boyfriend killed trying to destroy the passionfruit vine (pic to come).

However, this isn’t about that.

This is about the amazing passionfruit souffle that I made last night. That my daughter devoured. Because what else do you do with one passionfruit?


You make souffle.

Because I can’t garden right now…so I cook. But this weather better change soon. I’m out of passionfruit on my not hardy indoor vine–and it needs to get its summer recharge if there are to be more passionflowers…and yes, passionfruit. Because its about to get ugly and desperate and sad. And if it doesn’t warm up, I’m going to gain a hundred pounds!

P.S. I may have screwed up the weekly post challenge. My apologies if I did…